To Those Partnering with Custom Countertops By Precision
From: Chris Traynor, Dolan & Traynor, Inc. / Wayne, New Jersey

As a partner in Dolan & Traynor Inc. (Marketing Distributor of DuPont Corian Surfacing Materials), I worked closely with Bill Prusiensky of Custom Counters By Precision (CCBP), from day one. Quickly, Bill’s young company grew into one of the largest, most well-respected Wholesale Fabricators/Installers of Corian in the Metropolitan Area (while gaining notoriety with DuPont’s Executive Teams).

As a top customer, CCBP was purchasing multiple 7-figure amounts of Corian and maintaining a very large open line of credit with us. To be clear, no other company in the NY/NJ area managed their cash flow and their account more responsibly. Mr. Prusiensky’s dedication to our payment terms while renovating, upgrading equipment, adding trucks, maintaining an inventory and growing payroll, was nothing less than astonishing, rare and very much appreciated.

As the daily liaison for this remarkable organization, I heard and saw it all. I could write an essay on all that Bill Prusiensky has done right. For the sake of time, please note these bullet point observations re: CCBP:

  • CCBP was repeatedly held up to the marketplace as models of planning and execution
  • Despite an immature industry suffering with growing pains and competitive forces, CCBP exceeded their annual growth goals
  • William Prusiensky was recognized as a business owner striving for long term, incremental success in an industry where many owners were ego-driven and over-compensated
  • CCBP was 1 of just 3 Wholesale Fabs with the wherewithal to regularly order low-cost drop-ship inventory to bolster their bottom line profit

Bill Prusiensky is thriving over the course of 30+ years by smartly chasing the right mix of projects and customers. He also offered the right products. His success has not been the result of hard work and luck (though no one has more drive than Billy) His consistent success has been driven by recognizing the opportunity and open spaces before others and then shape-shifting his fast, flexible, fabricating company in such a way that his dedication to unmatched quality and customer-leaning service made Custom Counters By Precision the only reasonable source for so, so many.


Chris Traynor

Abe Wercberger, Owner/President- Jafco LLC.

I have been extremely impressed with Custom Counter’s workmanship as well their ability to adapt to complete complicated projects. We sincerely appreciate Custom Counters efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability they have demonstrated on all of our projects, and the way they conduct business as a whole. Custom Counters has stepped in to help us without question.

Some of our top projects together:

Abe Wercberger