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Which Material is Right for You?

When choosing your counter material, take both form and function into consideration. Each surface comes with features and drawbacks, so it’s important that you know what will work best for you. 

Solid Surface Products

It is the most hygienic material and is ideal for hospitals and medical offices. In A residential settings for areas such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, sinks, shower pans, and shower walls. We also have the ability to heat the material and bend into three dimensional shapes called thermoforming. A major appeal of solid surface is its impermeability. We can join solid surface sinks to solid surface countertops with no gaps. We can also create integral backsplashes. If the material is scratched or broken, in most cases, we can repair using one our our certified fabricators.

Laminate Products

High pressure laminate is the most basic of all synthetic countertops – and traditionally a very popular choice. Sold under such brand names as Formica, Wilsonart and Nevamar, it consists of brown paper impregnated with phenolic resin. The top layer of paper, which contains the pattern of color, is impregnated with melamine resin. The sheets are bonded together, then applied to fiberboard or particleboard during construction.

The primary benefit of high pressure laminate is simple: You get a quality product at a reasonable cost. It offers a hard, impact-resistant surface that is easy to keep clean with common kitchen cleansers. It is also available in hundreds of patterns and colors. On the down side, high pressure laminate cannot be repaired if it is scratched or nicked. In addition, at the edge of the countertop the layers of paper appear as a brown line, which many consumers find unattractive. It is also possible to edge the countertop in wood stained to match your kitchen.

Quartz Products

It is an engineered stone and has grown in popularity. Several reasons can be attributed to the abundance of color options and consistency in the slabs. Being non porous means it is resistant to mold and bacteria. The most important for the end user is practically maintenance free other then washing with warm water and soap.

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