Templating, Fabrication, Installation


Our 7 workday turnaround and 4 professional template and installation teams have won the praise of our loyal customers. Over the years, Custom Counters by Precision, like the entire industry have used the tried and true luan/wood, stick, or paper for templating. Some wood, screws, and a few simple tools got the job done. So why not stick (pun intended) with doing it this way?  Digital templating is the latest and greatest method which is using a laser of another type of device to measure. The digital laser template process allows us to measure your countertops with precise accuracy. This system uses a laser to scan all countertops and edges, insuring a perfect fit of your new countertops. The advantage of this system is that the old countertops do not have to be removed first. We highly recommend that all customers avail themselves of this service.

Our template teams will disconnect plumbing at the time of the template. However, it should be noted that we do not reconnect any plumbing, gas, or electric supplies. You are responsible for arranging all such hook-ups with another source such as a licensed professional.

We will also fabricate with templates provided by our customers or another source- “Build Per Print”. All “other source” templates must be reviewed with a Custom Counters by Precision representative. However, Custom Counters by Precision will assume no responsibility for errors resulting from templates from another source.


Custom Counters by Precision provides installation services for all of our counter tops, prices will vary according to the size and location of installation.

Plumbing and electric hook-ups are not included in this service and must be done by another source, such as a licensed professional.


There are no delivery fees if the counter top is delivered to our customer’s showroom or workshop, unless it exceeds our geographic delivery area. There will always be a fee for delivering a counter top to the job site. The delivery fee will vary according to the size of the job and the geographic location.

Countertop Removal

Our removal service is a separate feature offered by Custom Counters by Precision.

This service is not included as a component of any other service offered by us and will appear as a separate billable item on your invoice.